Van Halen is on fire again !!
The Return of Van Hagar

The "greatest" hard rock and roll band in the world is together again. Will it live up to the hype? Will Sammy's second go around last as long and Dave's? These are some of the questions we at hope to discuss. Please send us emails, links, stories, pictures, comments, opinions, and we'll post what we can.

Is Van Halen going to be Cabofied??
Sammy Hagar

What about Sammy's Waborita's?
The Waborita's were starting to rock. They were developing a "sound". Will we see more sammy solo? What about Planet Us?

Is Eddie pulling our strings??
Van Halen

Is Sammy "really" back in the band? Will Eddie be forgiven? What will the new songs sound like (5150, OU812, F.U.C.K., Balance, latest sammy hagar, or something completely different. My favorite album is F.U.C.K.

Send us an email listing your favorite VanHagar CD's. Make sure you rank them with your favorite first. You can also include why its your favorite.

This site is not much, its a learning experience, but hopefully
true VanHagar fans will appreciate it and share their views. Thanks for everyone's input.